Sunday, December 27, 2009

Google translate good for chess (at least from spanish)

I found the blog recently. The authors posted a comment on the Google Group 'Chess Library' about a blog posting on the development of the use of time limits in chess.

Not being a spanish speaker (or reader), I attempted to use It did an excellent job and I find I can understand all the posts there. One interesting thing is that it translated Spanish algebraic chess notation to English algebraic chess notation. For example, Cf3 was translated, correctly to Nf3. Pretty handy.

By comparison, babelfish didn't do nearly as good a job at the translations, and did not convert the chess notation. Here's a comparison of the translations:


Until half-full of century XIX, the chess games were juegaron without no limitation in the necessary time for the examination of a movement.

Translate Google:

Until the mid-nineteenth century, chess is played without any limitation in time for consideration of a motion

This looks like a great site, by the way. I greatly appreciate their historic posts, which seem well researched and interesting. I'll try to follow it, using, of course.

[Update: Tried Microsoft Translator from It didn't do well in the translation. Confusingly, it translated some of the chess notation correctly and some not correctly and strangely used mixed case in the chess notation that was not in the original Spanish text.

Actually, I'm reading the translation now more carefully with and it appears to get confused in the translation of spanish algebraic to english algebraic also.]