Thursday, December 13, 2007

Text to speech tools, The Creed and other things

Saw this list of TTS tools on

I've been playing with them and the one I like the most right now is Spokentext.

As a recent Catholic convert, I find myself stumbling through the Creed. I made these recordings with Spokentext to help here. I'm currently using a recording I made using, which is very easy to use and doesn't embed the ad in the recording, on my iPod. I set the iPod to repeat the same song and listen to it and talk along while in the car. I think I've about gotten it down.

Anyway, I've posted the Spokentext recordings. And he made them, Male and Female. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

With Spokentext, you can upload arbitrarily long texts, like Spe Salvi, for example. I've recorded this, but I can't post that, because it's copyrighted material.

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