Saturday, September 04, 2004

Scheme and Java project report

Remember the project talked about here? Well, I stalled on it and I'm doing it in Perl.

I already had some modules for doing this laying around, so it was easier to just do it in Perl. I do want to get back to it, though. I decided to drop the Jakarta Net Commons stuff. It appeared to me that had everything I needed, and the Jakarta Net Commons stuff is largely plug compatible, so...

I will say that LWP is just a lot easier to use, even when you forget about the fact that Perl is easier to get simple things done in quickly than Java. The perspective of is wrong, to me. Doing Basic Authentication is way more complicated in than it is in LWP and there's no real reason for it except bad choices for the objects, from what I can tell.

Once I had some Java interfaces built, things seemed pretty easy to do in SISC Scheme, but I still had a lot of convenience functions built up to deal with my application in Perl that made things a lot simpler.

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