Saturday, September 18, 2004


The Writer's Almanac - AUGUST 16 - 22, 2004: "It's the birthday of author and editor William Maxwell ... He said, 'What we ... refer to confidently as memory ... is really a form of storytelling that goes on continually in the mind and often changes with the telling.'"

Garrison Keillor's Writer's Almanac is wonderful. I heard this quote on there some weeks back and was meaning to blog it. It has such relevance to me.

I was catching it most every weekday morning on the Radio, but my schedule changed and now I rarely catch it. I must remember to sign up for it in email or something, because it really is worthwhile.

If I were making a suggestion for improving the Writer's Almanac, I might wish that Keillor sometimes have guest readers in for the poetry recitations. Much of the poetry that is selected for the show is beautiful, but sometimes, I feel, Keillor's delivery isn't always fitting to the particular piece. I mean no criticism of Keillor or his delivery style by this. Specifically, some pieces might be better recited with a woman's voice, I feel.

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