Tuesday, June 29, 2004

An application for Scheme and Java

I've been planning to do some Web Automation in Scheme. I thought this particular task really lent itself to the use of SXML, so I've been checking out Scheme environments.

I spent some time checking out PLT and I do think there's a lot there.

What I'm kind of excited about today is the prospect of using SISC. I really want to do something with Java, because I want to be able to say that I have and I need a project. For Web Automation, I should be able to pull in The Jakarta HTTP client, which looks excellent.

One thing I was judging Scheme environments on were the quality and maturity of their HTTP client API. I didn't find anything too exciting out there after being spoiled by LWP in the Perl world. I think the Jakarta HTTP library will be darn close to LWP and SXML will be a natural for what I'm planning on doing.

I'll keep you posted

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